Bring Your Brand to Life

Brand Validation - Coming Soon!

Branding creates implied value and delivers word-of-mouth referrals (when done right).

Essentially, it’s a promise delivery game but you need clarity when you want to play and win.
Brand (You) Validation (You are Worthy) arrives when activated internally to shine externally.

Set your mission, values and vision in < 30 min  


Chris Rosepapa, Brand Designer & Creative Director


Kathy is very knowledgeable in Branding Strategy and has helped several get a clearer vision  and how to align their goals and brand with who they are. 

Kathy Heasley, Heart & Mind® Branding Partner


There are “idea” people and then there are “idea and action” people and that describes Kathy Bass.

Jennifer Shaffer, World-Renowned Evidential Medium


Kathy was very instrumental in organizing who my authentic self was with ease and grace as I was crying over my identity crisis (a.k.a. “Who the heck am I?”).