Bring Your Idea to Life

Gain idea clarity with 30 minutes, pen & paper.

Begin to Bring Your Big Idea to Life with these 2 simple steps:

1: Set your timer for 3 minutes and write down all the ideas you've talked about.

2: Circle your favorite 2 ideas.

Now, you are ready for the next 2 steps to clear up your mind & activate your focus:

3: Watch the "Get Ready & Get Set" video* below to ignite mental focus.

4: Enter the "Action" section to narrow your 2 ideas down to... 1 idea. Yes, 1 idea!!!

* Video hosted by Adventure Guide: Kathy Bass, Entrepreneur Educator & Idea Guide

with help from Adventure Partner: Artus De Longuemar, Speaker: Neuroscience for Self-Leaders



Clear Up Your Mind & Activate Your Focus

Before starting anything worth your time, especially something important to you and your future; it's important to be in the right headspace to be able to create and execute your idea from a higher level.

[Note: Be sure not to miss any parts of the video - I promise this online idea incubator experience is <30 minutes]



Mary Ross Smith, Speaker & Author


My experience with Kathy has been enlightening and inspiring. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious.

Kathy Heasley, Heart & Mind® Branding


There are “idea” people and then there are “idea and action” people and that describes Kathy Bass.

Tom Walker, Marketer & Entrepreneur


Kathy simplifies something that is confusing almost everyone, and provide very effective action steps.